Point System

If you want to remain an active member of NSSLHA, you must attend one event per month, and one of each type of event per semester (academic, community service, and social). There should be 2-3 community service events per month, 1 academic meeting per month, and at least 1 social event per month. This should give you many opportunities, but if you are employed or limited in availability for another reason, contact the secretary to discuss extenuating circumstances. In such cases, points may be rewarded differently for online participation.

To remain an active member, you must earn a minimum of 7 points per month. This includes attending an event and RSVPing (worth 5-6 points), and RSVPING “not attending” for events you cannot attend (worth 1-2 points).

If you are given a deadline to fill something out (poll), it is mandatory. If you fill it out by the deadline, you will receive 1 point. If you do NOT fill it out, you will receive –1 point. If you fill it out after the deadline, the –1 point will be taken back.


The objective is to earn as many points as possible by the end of the semester for a gift card.

The other objective is to earn as many points as possible by the end of each month to receive award of “Member of the Month”. You can earn a total of 18 points per month, but must receive a minimum of 8 to qualify for Member of the Month.

Current Member of the Month: Kelsie Mitchell


Hi!  My name is Kelsie Mitchell.  I am currently a sophomore Psychology major, also minoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences and Spanish for the Professions, and want to (one day) be a Speech-Language Pathologist!  I’ve been a member of NSSLHA since my first semester of college and I love being a part of this group!  NSSLHA has been a great resource for me in many ways!  Not only am I surrounded by students who are working towards the same goal as me, but I have had opportunities to hear advice from grad student and professional panels which is REALLY helpful because we’re all going to be in their shoes one day (hopefully!).  I’ve also attended resume workshops and different info sessions which I probably wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for NSSLHA!  I am SO excited to be the new community service co-chair and be more involved with such a wonderful group of people!

 More Information: Points and Rewards System